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December 9, 2011 / Eivyn

Fireworks & Ponies

World Event: Darkmoon Faire

6 / 13 (46%)

Darkmoon Faire: Taking the Show on the Road

Darkmoon Faire: Taking the Show on the Road

This was a fun achievement to do, and had I not been at my cousin’s house, I would have finished it in no time. All you need is 6 Darkmoon Fireworks and then go to your respective friendly capital city. And since Eivyn is a Horde character, she goes to Dalaran, Shattrath, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon City, Thunderbluff and Undercity.

The back story is that, I have no internet connection at home so I had to go to my cousin’s place near my office so I can mooch some wifi for a few hours. However, his 6 year old daughter saw me playing and was so intrigued with what I’m doing. She wanted to see how my character, Eivyn, can fly. Needless to say, the niece took over my game time and made Eivyn fly around random places.

It’s so cute how she’d go, “Tita, why is the boat floating?“, when I made her go up one tower in Orgrimmar to wait for the zeppelin going to Undercity. Somewhere along The Barrens she has decided to fly low and tumble along the ground, giggling, and partially screaming when she encounters the bad guys. I keep telling her they’re no match for her, but she wouldn’t listen. =))

Anyway, as I’ve said, this achievement is easy enough. I just followed this comment from brionl in WoWhead and did what was suggested:

Buy your Darkmoon Fireworks at the Faire, take the portal back to Thunderbluff.
Go up into the city proper, and set off your fireworks.
Take the portal to the Blasted Lands, go through the Dark Portal and fly to Shattrath City, set off fireworks.
If you have a Kirin Tor ring, port to Dalaran, otherwise take the portal back to Orgrimmar, and take a zepplin/fly to Dalaran. Set off Fireworks.
Take the portal back to Orgrimmar, set off fireworks.
Take a zepplin to Tirisfal Glade, fly to Undercity. Make sure your mini-map says Undercity, not Ruins of Lordaeron. Set off fireworks.
Take the globe thingie from the courtyard to Silvermoon City, set off fireworks.
Achievement complete.

Darkmoon Faire: I Was Promised a Pony

Darkmoon Faire: I Was Promised a Pony

Easy enough, as this achievement is pretty much self-explanatory: ride a Darkmoon Pony. Go to the far end of the fair (by the water), and you’ll see the petting zoo. Walk to the far east side and thereĀ  you’ll see mules & ponies standing about.

Darkmoon Pony

I'm on a Darkmoon Pony

Achievement earned:

  1. I Was Promised a Pony
  2. Taking the Show on the Road

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  1. Cymre / Dec 12 2011 12:14 pm

    Thanks for the Pingback and the Achievements :)

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